Warli paintings

Warli paintings are famous among the different Indian painting styles. They have a history that dates back to the ancient times. It is an art form which was in practice among the Warlis – a traditional tribal sect of the Indo-Aryan era.
These paintings are found even now in some villages in India.

This art form predominantly uses basic art vocabulary like the circles, triangles, lines, squares – in a combination to depict several elements of nature like the sun, moon, land, fire, villages etc.
The central motif in these ritual paintings is surrounded by scenes portraying hunting, fishing and farming, festivals and dances, trees and animals. Human and animal bodies are represented by two triangles joined at the tip; the upper triangle depicts the trunk and the lower triangle the pelvis. Their precarious equilibrium symbolizes the balance of the universe, and of the couple, and has the practical and amusing advantage of animating the bodies. (- Source wikipedia)

The color palette of this art form consists of basic earth colors and natural dyes. Brown, Henna green, ochre, white, black are the most commonly used colors.

I got fascinated by this art form after I happened to see a work of my friend. Inspired by that, I decided to try my hands on too!! So, here is my work!

Note: my work is a derivative of an art work available on the internet.. I hope to have done a decent job!!



Black beauty!!

Today, as I walked down the lane, I started to think – “Is it that I have a fetish for things in black? or is it that things in black are really beautiful and sexy?”

When I go shopping, the first thing that grabs my attention is a thing in black 🙂 Be it a slipper or a dress, black is my most sought-after color! On roads, even while driving, I never fail to catch a glimpse of a beautiful black car! And when I decide to sketch something, I google for images on the net which I can replicate – and my search key is “Black stallion” 🙂 !!
Such being my craze for black, today I wondered, if I am the only human being who is so obsessed with the color black or there several other homo sapiens across the globe who fall under my category!

In this pursuit, my dear friend Google came to my rescue in fetching me a wealth of links that pointed to “Black“.
As I did my analysis, it occured to that there are zillions of people who got inspired by this enchanting color! Artists, musicians, poets, authors, dress designers, car makers, aristrocrats, etc etc.. Oh my god!!

I breathed a sigh of relief discovering that my fetish for black was not abnormal 🙂
So what is so special about this color black??
Black signifies and symbolises a lot of things. The very first thought that strikes to people when they hear the word black is “darkness” (although for me black means sexy!). Likewise, black means “Authority & seriousness” when it is as a Uniform/ dress code; it means style when we use it in the fashion industry; it means “nobility & experience” in Japanese (which is why they honor “black belt” when you are a master in martial arts!); it denotes ethnicity; it is also used in the context where we wish to express ambiguity – like calling “A black box”, “A black hole” .. It is often used to symbolize negative things – for example, a black cat symbolizes a bad event which follows, black means bereavement or death or mourning, black clothes are inauspicious during festive occasions among Hindus , Black money 😉 etc..

While a quick glance through the search results gave me so much info, I still remained unperturbed with my stand! Black is Beautiful!Black is sexy!

Black is real sensation, even if it is produced by entire absence of light. The sensation of black is distinctly different from the lack of all sensations. — Hermann von Helmholtz

Also it occured to me now, I also love Black – the Hindi movie that created a roar in Bollywood!!
Well, several reasons to love this color isnt it? Well, now, with a clear mind and a clearer belief for my love for black, I say –


Sounds of silence

Ridiculous title?? Or rather isnt it an oxymoron?? Call it the way you want.. But it is something that every loner would have experienced..
In silence lies so much sound – a commotion of sorts, so much noise, so many thoughts wandering in the mind.. It is a difficult situation to handle as soon as you realize you want to get out of it..

I sit at home now, pretty much alone during the day.. The only sound I hear is the ticking of the clock, the faint sounds of the chirping of birds from a distance, the dripping of water from a loosely closed tap and ofcourse, the sound from the keys on the keyboard as I hit them while typing on the computer.
This kind of a situation of pin-drop silence was something I had always craved for during my college days especially during exams. Then it was hard to find.. But now, I crave for the noise from the busy roads in Bangalore.. the familiar voices from the neighbourhood.. the honking vehicles, the street vegetable vendors.. oh man!! that was bliss!!
I sit silently in the killing silence here and just let my mind wander.. my mind needs no visa or ticket to travel back n forth to Bangalore, does it?? Well, so when, through my mind, I go to Bangalore, I just feel so relieved.. so safe, so secure and so full of energy… The thoughts about family, the craving need for friends, the activities with them, everything haunts me now..
With all this, I do experience noise in the silence 🙂

I wait for evening to come, so that I have my dear back home.. I talk with him about everything that I did during the day.. The chatting with friends, the several analysis that I would have done about various forgotten topics and the unrealistic plans for the future everything!! I must say, he has a lot of patience to tolerate all this from me..

Living here alone, though with my husband, is a phase of self-realization. The less active me here has gone into a thinking mode.. Thinking about what happened good, what happened bad, what could be done better etc .. A retrospective analysis of a kind.. Lol.. I remember now about the stupid processes carried out in offices about the RCA of a project – with a big list of action items for future projects and a hell lot of “learnings”..
Anyways, but this RCA of my life is worth it.. It really is giving me a direction I think.. About what I should be doing in the next 5 years, about how I should be spending my life in future..
I always wanted to go to a place like Ladakh, and just sit there and do nothing.. Had I forseen my future?? Well, not ladakh, but definitely the serenity and the peaceful atmosphere here in Dusseldorf has enabled me to think deeply.. And what did i want to do in Ladakh? I wanted to rediscover the meaning of my life.. Yes, that is exactly what I have done here in the last 5 months..

So far so good.. Like I always iterate, “All that happens is for good”. This phase too is for good.. For finding somethings about me which I dint know at all.. For deeper understanding of my dear love – my husband!

Now when I go back to Bangalore, I will surely respect and love my folks better – for now I have understood their true worth! Without them, there is no meaning to life!

Love you all people! Thank you for being there in my life, always!

Shining by contrast??

My folks say “Stop comparing!!” I agree to disagree with them when they say this 🙂 Why shouldnt we compare if the comparison is going to make you feel good about any particular thing?? Well, with one such comparison can I say, India is not as bad as we all Indians portray it to be!! Read on for facts 🙂

Our FAQ for NRIs – “Alli heege traffic ilva? Roads ella chanagidya? Pollution ilveno alva? Alli hawe clean aa tumba?? ” and their reply – “Ayyo alli roads wide aagi beautiful aagiratte.. ee traffic menace, ee pollution enu iralla” .. Good lord gracious!! Enough… Step out and see the other countries yourself.. Only the intensity and degree of pollution is less… Come on!! with the population so humongous,and resources that limited, it is but natural to be as it is in India.. PLEASE DONOT term India bad!!

After moving here, I have seen that every country has its degree of pollution, its degree of unhygenic conditions, its own degree of goods and bads.. But we Indians swing between two extremes – either stand up in the middle of nowhere and shout on top of our voice saying “Mera Bharath mahaan!!” or totally condemn it and make it appear like hell on earth.. Let’s be moderate guys!

As I was walking back home this evening, I saw an unimaginable traffic jam near our apartment.. But to my surprise, I heard no honking, no grumbling from people.. The cars stood equally spaced between their neighbors.. And the drivers sat with ease and tolerance.. I began to imagine a similar scenario of jams back in India.. The scene on my mind: two screens: one – showed what I just saw in Dusseldorf, two- showed how it would be in Bangalore rather India in general.. Am sure you all can imagine it 🙂 I laughed at the composure of the people here and at the hooligan like behaviour of people on roads in India.. Well, dont get me wrong when I say this. My sincere apologies for using harsh adjectives..

My intention of writing here is to simply say that we should stop complaining about our country.. What has the country done wrong? It is the people in the country who, with their behaviour, practices and attitude, make the country good or bad.. I am sure you wouldnt deny this!

In every country there are problems that might be unique to that land.. In ours we have population which is the major culprit, and the scarcity of resources and opportunities which are it’s derivatives. We tend to extrapolate the problem and crib about it..
What we travellers can do is to see the good in these countries and imbibe it in ourselves, go back home and preach about these learnings to the people with who we interact.. This might not bring about a radical change, but yeah, it is surely going to add a miniscule of a difference..

We can change the situations in our country.. Efforts from various NGOs and non-profit organisations are striving to achieve this.. And yes, hats off to them 🙂 Maybe we could join hands with them too!

Lemme tell you guys, if any other country were given the load of our country’s population, they would have lost their senses and would have given up!! But we havent!! We ARE definitely able and we surely can handle it better than anyone else..What lacks in our country is the urge to bring a radical change.. What we score over others is our complacence 🙂

Hmm.. So, for my dear hubby who thought (maybe) he could convince me to settle abroad, my sincere apologies for the disagreement 🙂 Just kidding you!!

India is good.. It is a lovely place to dwell.. And I am here, only to see places, compare things I see here to the things in India and say “Ahh, India isnt all tht bad!! I wanna go back home, with no regrets what-so-ever”!!

On a concluding note.. India is not shining by contrast.. I only threw light on certain similarities in the problems and that India is still a better place to live 🙂


Movie mania

I was never a movie buff.. but life changes our attitude and time is the driving factor for this change!

After relocating, my lappy has become my best friend who entertains me and keeps me connected with the other part of the world. 
I have watched a lot of movies after coming here. Just want to keep this list going 🙂 Here are a few to name:

Dusseldorf diary – 15 th december, 2010

A usual morning- woke up, made breakfast and lunch for him.

He told me that the maid might come any day during that week and anytime during the morning or noon. So, I wanted to finish bathing quickly so that i could attend to her when she comes.
Finished the morning chores of bathing, praying, eating and now i sat with my lappy to catch up with my friends online. My heavy breakfast and the laziness put together made me feel drowsy.. So.. I decided to take a power nap 🙂
At 1 in the noon, i woke up with the sound of somebody entering our house!! Somebody turned the lock open and entered the house suddenly… A lady.. wrapped with multiple layers of clothes to fight the cold.. tall, fit, blonde … Y do i get involved with blondes everytime? 🙂
She carried a big black trolley bag with her…She began to place it by the door side and open it.. I looked at her n she stood at the doorstep looking at me.. I said “yes??”.. She said “Hallo..Sorry… I nei knock door… I….”I was still not awake completely and somehow managed to understand wat was happening… She continued.. “I… ” and did some action to show she had come to clean, sweep… Ahh… This was our maid!!!
Maids for company apartments are given a key for the house.. so that they could come and clean the house even in our absence… Reliable people!
Our interaction was much with broken English sentences and mostly actions… My dumb charades skills helped me now.. 🙂
She asked me “India?” I said “Yeah..” She asked “Where mann u?” I interpreted it to be “Where is ur man..” and answered “Office.. He went to office..” She said “O.K.. Children?” I laughed and said.. “No children.. Newly married…” She said “Nice… ” and continued working…
After almost everything was done she stood near the rack where we have placed the gods’ photos.. and saw Lord Ganesha’s photo and she made some actions now.. with some words here n there “I… sleep.. dream come… he… son.. Inside …” With the actions these words completed the statement.. She meant that when she was pregnant with her son, she dreamt of lord Ganesha… A deutsch female.. dreaming about Ganesha? woww.. nice.. For a believer like me , of Lord Ganesha, this came as a pleasant surprise!! I was happy.. I smiled and explained to her about the significance of the other gods.. She continued “Ahh.. Lakshmi- wealth.. I nei want… I want happiness.. who god?” For her craving for happiness, she wanted to know which god signifies that… I told her simple prayers to any god should suffice… She then said “U Indish..Nice warm… ” For Indian she said Indish…I was happy, proud and glad that India is known for its warmth.. I smiled..
She packed her stuff again.. Put on the multiple layers of clothes again.. She shook hands with me and said bye to her as she walked out…
She comes weekly once and does a makeover to our bathroom and hall.. they go from dull look to sparkling white and shining 🙂 A nice female.. Now we talk to each other better 🙂

Dusseldorf diary

Friday 10th Dec ’10: 10:45 am IST – Visa dispatched from Chennai German consulate.

Friday 10th Dec ’10: 3:45 pm IST – Tickets booked for saturday morning 10:30 am IST flight!!
Hmm… It all happened faster than we expected. Apart from some travel sickness to bother me, the journey was just awesome.
We had a stop over at Dubai International Airport- a huge , expansive airport with glittery stalls inviting enough with spectacular looking artifacts. We took a long stroll there for about an hour and then my hubby said “Honey, we are done with just abt 1/3rd the entire area! ” ufff… it was indeed a BIG one i thought 🙂 We boarded the connecting flight now.
We had got 2 seats together in a 3 seater and the seat next to my hubby was vacant. The deal was that if it were a girl coming there, we would swap seats n he would sit in mine. And before we ended our discussion, we realised the seat was taken… By a tall, lean built, blonde female. she had only placed a paper cover with some cookies (i think) in that. She was now placing here luggage in the cabin compartments.
Soon she sat and began talking to my hubby… He forgot abt the “Swap” deal!! He got a bit conscious and asked me if he should swap.. i said “Enjoy!!” and let him sit there… He began to comment abt her… with a slight blush on his face… shud i say “Men!!” 😉
She looked beautiful… but yeah she blew her nose so many times in a short span of time that her entire box of tissues were almost empty.. I turned to my hubby and said “Nice choice..” and winked wickedly 😉
We had a horrible lunch on the flight and it began to bother my stomach. The nausea feeling stepped in right then… Some time passed by.. And now, we were hovering over Dusseldorf Airport waiting for clearance to land…
And now my stomach…troubled me again and felt like puking… and i saw a long slender hand… offering me some tissues 🙂 Who was tht now? well, yes… the same “clumsy babe” … I laughed as i took the “needed” tissues.. She smiled and then began to take her baggage n make a quick exit… My hubby laughed too… He said- “See, nice girl, isnt it? 😉 She is going home… on vacation from her school in New Zealand.. Enough information isnt it?” Well, I laughed too…
As we collected our luggage and walked towards the taxi, she went past us… I thanked her for the timely help.. and she turned back and said “Happy stay in Germany… 🙂 “
Saturday , Dec 11th ’10 : 7:30 pm CET.
Yes, it has been enjoyable ever since then 🙂