Bong babu

My every morning starts with a tightly packed schedule.. All timed activities-6:15 am -bath, 7 am – breakfast, 7:20 am-board the cab! huh! Quite tiring to start the day this way!

But the bus journey has been the most memorable part of my day. Amazing set of people- each one entertaining in his/her own way! One special character is rocking!
This Bong babu boards the bus a lil while after i do. He brings a smile on my face every time i see him 🙂 He waves his hand at our driver everyday indicating him to stop the bus and runs in his very wierd and sluggish manner to climb on to the bus. I am sure all the people standing at his stop have a moment of laughter looking at him! His feminine walking style, his body language and his accent (LOL) everything is just awesome to make you laugh !
I heard him talk to his “anthropophobic” friend which inspired me to pen some things abt this interesting soul! He says, her being anthropophobic is a reason for her to discover if she is a “cat person or a dog person”!! (LOLZ) And she says she is a human! (She tot he was asking if she is a cat or dog herself! lol..)  Then the discussion went to the level of drowning her in drinks so that she has some blissful time away from this world of humans, cats and dogs .. heehee..

So, Zero G, H20, Pub world etc names came out.. I was tickled when i heard him say he is a “party animal” (y is he behind cats/dogs/animals ???) and that he rocks the dance floor! (I am dying to see him dance.. lol…) I thought – his walking is only so amusing.. wonder how the dancing prolly is like!

I had laughed so much by now that anything further he had uttered.. gosh! i would go upto him n say “Dude, u r a rock star! and an amazing comedian… ” Lolz…
But yeah, the girl i mean his frnd left .. dunno y – maybe her stop came or she was now a bong-babu-phobic !!

Some of my readers are sure to guess the name of this amazingly entertaining character! Any guesses?? 😉


In pursuit of my Interests

From my previous post, you all know am now working. Partly as a result of that,I am meeting a lot of people on different occasions. Each of them are new acquaintances and there is one obvious question each time during our conversations. Wondering what that is???
Well, nothing extra ordinary and nothing intriguing. Its a simple question –> “What are your interests ??”
You may laugh to know that this question,to me, is tougher than the toughest board exam question!! Wondering why?? Well, if only I knew an answer to this 😦

Since the recent times, I have some really nice answers for this kinda questions. Sometimes I say–“Well, I cant really classify my interests into specific categories..”, n sometimes I manage with a very stupid & helpless grin accompanied by broken bits of sentences that start with a “well…” and ends unwell 😦

I closely have a breakdown after thinking endlessly about how to face such questions in the coming future!! The solution to this problem remains a mystery!! However, being in the IT profession, I have learnt to come up with a lot of work-arounds. 🙂

Initially, I decided I shall never make any statements that might somehow lead to such mind-cracking question during the conversation. Fair enuf?? Hold on.. I came up with better ones.. 😉

Next, I decided to sit for a day or two and involve myself in varied activities and see if some of those fascinate me. This i thought would help me with a solution directly!! Trust me, this was the poorest of all attempts coz it took me more than several days to decide what activities to indulge in!!

Then on, I decided to give up on this problem-solving . I thought I shall face things as they come and to not indulge in any preparation for the next encounter.This appeared to be a less painful remedy.

But Hey!! Stop for a moment.. if you can put one and one together now, as you read this post , you can make out some interests of mine!! Eureka!!! N what are they?? Lets analyze..

  • The persistent efforts to come up with a solution to even a problem like mine can actually called my interest in “problem-solving” 😀
  • Then, my insatiable thirst for coming up with newer and better answers to the same (now, simple) question shows am a little creative too (Its getting better.. right?? 😉 )
  • And my ability to analyze all these facts shows yet another wonderful trait of mine– analytical skills!!!

Proudly I shall now say to all those people who will in future ask me about my interests that “I am a person of varied interests.. True to the observed traits of a Geminian, I am a jack of all trades and in the process of mastering everything..”

Do you guys also know this thing about me?? It the most important thing!! N………….
N………….. That is-I have a good sense of humor and a better skill in fooling people 😀 😀 So are you fooled?? YES!! Wondering how??? heehee… Read on 😀

People.. see the list of my interests!! Knowing me, do you find any bit of the “problem-solving”,”analytical” ,”creative” skills in me?? But i succeeded in making you all believe them!! Lol… I really am sorry but u r terribly fooled!! Lol..

But hey… are you fooled?And,did you believe initially abt my interests?? Or.. am I really good at all of those things??? OMG!! Am confused.. Am so lost!! Am more puzzled now than while answering the “Wat are ur interests ?” question!!

Can somebody plz help me know my interests???????????? 😉

Clean Bowled!!

It was a day to remember-a day which brought in new hopes, desires and thoughts into my life.

It was a significant day to most of my peers as it was “the joining day” for all of us. Most of us were skeptical about the new world that we were stepping into. I was a little different from them all with more dreams and expectations than fear.
As i was instructed by the admin to meet my manager and confirm my joining date , i decided to go ahead and finish off with the formalities. I had butterflies in my stomach as i moved closer to the building in search of my manager.

Now, i had more fear than any other feeling. But something always told me that this day wud definitely be “the” day i wud remember for the rest of my life. And today, i have shared those feelings with all of you.

I had to run errands to fetch myself the necessary documents as a result of which i was a little tired and a little less tidy. It made me more conscious now as i entered the office.

A tall man with an impressive physique sat at the other end of the desk with his back facing me. I was too keen in knowing who this was and how he looked. His voice sounded like those bells ringing on my ears gently.He was attending a call – his accent so natural, so clear and his talk so crisp and sensible. I was Clean Bowled now as he turned to me and smiled. He extended his hand further for a quick hand shake. I felt weak in my knees all of a sudden as i extended my hand towards him.
I quickly mumbled something which i clearly know he dint follow. Anyways, i was done with a part of the intro i thought. I forgot everything about the formalities i had to complete and just continued to look at him without even winking my eyes. he was a charmer! his smile, his attitude… everything about him was just awesome and the way i like it!
He got another call now and thats when thoughts flooded my mind.I am naive when it comes to impressing men… added to that trait of mine was my drained out look at that time in the evening. I felt i should go and freshen up, tidy myself and get back. But i had conflicting thoughts too. Finally, i decided to sit there and just get things done and move out quickly.

He finished attending the call and turned back to me now. He asked me for the form that needed the manager’s signature. I panicked as i realised i had forgotten the letter somewhere. He read my face and said, “Relax. It happens sometimes. Dont you worry!!” I thanked him for being so kind and felt a little relieved now.I tried to convince him about how i had misplaced it somewhere and that i would surely attempt to get another copy of it asap for his signature.

Till now, I had presumed he was my manager. I had also imagined that i would be his team member who can closely interact with him on a daily basis and a lot other things . But now I realized I was bowled over all again… this time with bitter facts!

He introduced himself to me as the HR person of the office who would be collecting the forms to hand it over in bulk to the respective managers. I was shattered!!My castle of dreams was pull down and my desires were inhumanely killed i felt.For a minute I cursed my choice for “feeling” for a meagre HR person and not a manager!!
Positions do play a role.. right?
That was more than enuf to pinch me and wake me up from the trance state. I now got practical and concentrated in getting my work done. I now dint care about either his sweet talk or the melody of his voice. I assured him that i would submit the form the next day and walked out.
Huh… a day to remember.. indeed!!

I might be wrong to have decided to have wiped out my feelings for this HR guy. But,its my life!! I’ve got my preferences . And am happy my heart agreed with my mind to make the decision.

So, guys.. what do you have to say about this little incident?
Do write in your comments. I welcome criticism , as i believe that “criticism is the only way to improve quality”.