I realised.. it wasn’t my type and walked away

I realised.. it wasn’t my type and walked away

Recent incidents in life had made Sarah a bit timid and she had begun to keep herself very busy always only to avoid all the nostalgia of the bitter past.

Like everyone, she had dreamt of a life with nothing else but perfection, love and affection. All aspects of her life were nearly perfect, except her marriage. Her marriage with Ron had recently ended rather disgracefully.

Ron was a rich man, ambitious about his career , fairly good looking but a very morose guy. He seemed uninterested in anything around him. And that troubled their marriage.

Sarah and Ron lived together, period. There was no communication like normal couples and there seemed no connect between them.But to everyone around them, they seemed like the perfect couple with the best traits – decent looks, great career and good status because they often put up a happy face to the world. Probably the only pleasant thing in their life was that they were circled by a good bunch of friends who often invited them over to parties or events.

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