Emotions revealed

All living being express their emotions in their own unique way. Careful observation of the species and in-depth understanding of their behavioral patterns give you a clear idea of what their gestures mean.

Of all the species known, most expressive are the humans. We are gifted with speech to make our emotions lucid. Also, with the development of technology and well defined web etiquette, our expression of emotions has no bounds! Let me come to the topic now. Emoticons πŸ™‚ well, there I go !

People today use the various social networking means and stay connected with the people who mean to them. While traditionally this particular expression of “you mean so much to me” was expressed via letters and phone calls, in today’s fast-paced , abbreviated world, it can be easily expressed through these emoticons.

Emoticons – Emotional Icons are the character representation of the graphical smileys. And what do they mean? They mean a lot, to many! Its usage almost becomes indispensable during internet chatting with friends. Sometimes just these are sufficient to highlight our mood and our intention of a particular statement. Sometimes they come as savior when your words cant completely convey what you mean. They mean little more than words you know!

With the use of smileys or emoticons, the effect of a conversation becomes surreal. These emoticons replace human facial expressions on the virtual world. I for one, have gotten so addicted to the usage of emoticons that my statements surely end with an emoticon πŸ™‚ Like that!!

The trend of using the emoticons has made messenger software to invariably bind smileys into their software. I see no such messenger without its unique smiley set! In fact, it is a selling factor for some of the messenger software – the more human-like the smileys are, the better is the user-acceptance and the better it sells among people! It drives business!

I particularly like Microsoft’s Office Communicator with its damn cute smiley set. You should try the favourite ” πŸ˜› ” emoticon on it. It becomes a cute face with a cuter tongue out! Ahh I love it!! And the anger smiley. It does make the face red and perfectly depicts the extent of anger. Some other ones I like are the Devil and the hugs & kisses.

After all this is said and done, why is even a sad faced or an angry emoticon still called a smiley?? Is it because it gets it name from the ancestral and famous ” πŸ™‚ ” which was perhaps the only popularly used emoticon of the earlier times? Something I always wonder!

Well, so much about these emoticons only because they have become integral part of our daily conversations – be it with friends, family or collegues! They are here to stay, getting better and more human-like with time.

A new gen version of the emoticons/smileys is probably the zoozoos. These were strategically planned for the cricket match commercial breaks by Vodafone in India. Across the globe too, it DID grab everybody’s attention and made them popular among the young and the old. To an extent that zoozoos started spreading through emails, and also came on t-shirts! I too went around looking for Zoozoo t-shirts in several stores! In my opinion, it is the next version of the legendary smileys.

So what next? We probably have to be too creative to get our own versions of Smileys out , or add to the already sumptuous set of smileys or simply wait and watch πŸ™‚

As a leaving note, for all my curious readers who want to check their proficiency w.r.t emoticons, here is a quick link to the most common and widely used ones!
( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_emoticons )


Home maker projects

The word β€œproject” isn’t something that we are not familiar with. From a tiny toddler in school to an Industry Leader, everyone uses this word in their own profession. Now, I am talking about the projects for a home maker!
I have been in the IT industry working under pressure, under strict deadlines, and getting several projects to closure. While serving this role of a developer, project to me meant an office project. Such project usually has several people playing their roles: few developers, a lead, a manager, a senior manager so on n so forth. A home maker too isn’t spared from all of these responsibilities! Let me show you how.
A home maker aka house wife too has different responsibilities: cooking, housekeeping, grocery procurement & management, managing her finances etc. Aren’t these roles synonymous to the roles in the IT project? They are!! So, an efficient home maker is synonymous to a key performer in the IT industry.
For her, every morning starts similar to that of any developer: here, she needs to develop an idea for the day’s menu! She needs to β€œplan” the breakfast, and β€œexecute” it within a particular β€œdeadline” otherwise, her breakfast will become lunch πŸ™‚ and her husband will go mad at her – for β€œslipping the deadline”. For any engineer in the industry who is reading this article, these words in quotes are more familiar.. However, I am only stating the similarity in the roles of a home maker and an IT engineer.
The home maker projects do have reviews – the feedback that her folks give about how tasty her preparation was, about how meticulous she is in housekeeping, about how creative she is in cooking, and about how proactive she is in deciding the menus herself and implementing it well!
Oh my god! There are so many similarities to state! However, she doesn’t get hikes and bonuses, and there is no appraisal cycle for her. What she would love as a trade-off is a pleasant acknowledgement of her good work at home, and lots of love and support from her folks in making the house, a HOME πŸ™‚

“The homemaker has the ultimate career. All other careers exist for one purpose only – and that is to support the ultimate career. ”
β€” C.S. Lewis

Sounds of silence

Ridiculous title?? Or rather isnt it an oxymoron?? Call it the way you want.. But it is something that every loner would have experienced..
In silence lies so much sound – a commotion of sorts, so much noise, so many thoughts wandering in the mind.. It is a difficult situation to handle as soon as you realize you want to get out of it..

I sit at home now, pretty much alone during the day.. The only sound I hear is the ticking of the clock, the faint sounds of the chirping of birds from a distance, the dripping of water from a loosely closed tap and ofcourse, the sound from the keys on the keyboard as I hit them while typing on the computer.
This kind of a situation of pin-drop silence was something I had always craved for during my college days especially during exams. Then it was hard to find.. But now, I crave for the noise from the busy roads in Bangalore.. the familiar voices from the neighbourhood.. the honking vehicles, the street vegetable vendors.. oh man!! that was bliss!!
I sit silently in the killing silence here and just let my mind wander.. my mind needs no visa or ticket to travel back n forth to Bangalore, does it?? Well, so when, through my mind, I go to Bangalore, I just feel so relieved.. so safe, so secure and so full of energy… The thoughts about family, the craving need for friends, the activities with them, everything haunts me now..
With all this, I do experience noise in the silence πŸ™‚

I wait for evening to come, so that I have my dear back home.. I talk with him about everything that I did during the day.. The chatting with friends, the several analysis that I would have done about various forgotten topics and the unrealistic plans for the future everything!! I must say, he has a lot of patience to tolerate all this from me..

Living here alone, though with my husband, is a phase of self-realization. The less active me here has gone into a thinking mode.. Thinking about what happened good, what happened bad, what could be done better etc .. A retrospective analysis of a kind.. Lol.. I remember now about the stupid processes carried out in offices about the RCA of a project – with a big list of action items for future projects and a hell lot of “learnings”..
Anyways, but this RCA of my life is worth it.. It really is giving me a direction I think.. About what I should be doing in the next 5 years, about how I should be spending my life in future..
I always wanted to go to a place like Ladakh, and just sit there and do nothing.. Had I forseen my future?? Well, not ladakh, but definitely the serenity and the peaceful atmosphere here in Dusseldorf has enabled me to think deeply.. And what did i want to do in Ladakh? I wanted to rediscover the meaning of my life.. Yes, that is exactly what I have done here in the last 5 months..

So far so good.. Like I always iterate, “All that happens is for good”. This phase too is for good.. For finding somethings about me which I dint know at all.. For deeper understanding of my dear love – my husband!

Now when I go back to Bangalore, I will surely respect and love my folks better – for now I have understood their true worth! Without them, there is no meaning to life!

Love you all people! Thank you for being there in my life, always!

Dusseldorf diary

Friday 10th Dec ’10: 10:45 am IST – Visa dispatched from Chennai German consulate.

Friday 10th Dec ’10: 3:45 pm IST – Tickets booked for saturday morning 10:30 am IST flight!!
Hmm… It all happened faster than we expected. Apart from some travel sickness to bother me, the journey was just awesome.
We had a stop over at Dubai International Airport- a huge , expansive airport with glittery stalls inviting enough with spectacular looking artifacts. We took a long stroll there for about an hour and then my hubby said “Honey, we are done with just abt 1/3rd the entire area! ” ufff… it was indeed a BIG one i thought πŸ™‚ We boarded the connecting flight now.
We had got 2 seats together in a 3 seater and the seat next to my hubby was vacant. The deal was that if it were a girl coming there, we would swap seats n he would sit in mine. And before we ended our discussion, we realised the seat was taken… By a tall, lean built, blonde female. she had only placed a paper cover with some cookies (i think) in that. She was now placing here luggage in the cabin compartments.
Soon she sat and began talking to my hubby… He forgot abt the “Swap” deal!! He got a bit conscious and asked me if he should swap.. i said “Enjoy!!” and let him sit there… He began to comment abt her… with a slight blush on his face… shud i say “Men!!” πŸ˜‰
She looked beautiful… but yeah she blew her nose so many times in a short span of time that her entire box of tissues were almost empty.. I turned to my hubby and said “Nice choice..” and winked wickedly πŸ˜‰
We had a horrible lunch on the flight and it began to bother my stomach. The nausea feeling stepped in right then… Some time passed by.. And now, we were hovering over Dusseldorf Airport waiting for clearance to land…
And now my stomach…troubled me again and felt like puking… and i saw a long slender hand… offering me some tissues πŸ™‚ Who was tht now? well, yes… the same “clumsy babe” … I laughed as i took the “needed” tissues.. She smiled and then began to take her baggage n make a quick exit… My hubby laughed too… He said- “See, nice girl, isnt it? πŸ˜‰ She is going home… on vacation from her school in New Zealand.. Enough information isnt it?” Well, I laughed too…
As we collected our luggage and walked towards the taxi, she went past us… I thanked her for the timely help.. and she turned back and said “Happy stay in Germany… πŸ™‚ “
Saturday , Dec 11th ’10 : 7:30 pm CET.
Yes, it has been enjoyable ever since then πŸ™‚