This article isn’t coming from me because I am a Home-Maker now. It is because I have heard enough contempt for home-makers!

I am a home-maker, doing everything that is needed to meet everyone’s needs. I know I am doing it really well, getting maximum satisfaction amidst occasional appreciation. I have less to regret and a lot of experience to handle some things that I never thought I could, all by myself! But often, I encounter people whose facial colour just fades once they hear I am a homemaker! Why? Is it a taboo or is it illegal or do you think it is a shameful state to be in?

As recently as today noon, a dear one mocked at me for being home maker. I usually don’t take sh** coming my way. But today I had to be patient and not give back because he was an elderly man from a close circle. A man who has always been spending his life in the urge to make money and meet targets of prosperity and never thought of being there for the dear ones at times of need takes enough time to comment on me who has been sweating out to do everything that take to keep the family running smoothly! Hell..

I have studied in one of the best universities, have had an excellent IT career, did well there, gathered enough feathers to decorate my plume and took an essential break when the family needed me. I am just a decision away from getting back to a full-time IT job if you, Mr.Money-maker, think is life’s meaning. But, I will push that thought into future and take a call wisely when I am sure that things are all in place and when it is the right time to get back to a demanding job!

I have all it takes to go back to IT – enough skills, amazing attitude, self-confidence and the ability to decide what is the best thing for me and my loved ones. But you and I clearly know how well you are equipped to handle a family that needs you ! All you can do is throw some money at a nanny to take care of your kids or at a carer who can watch your dear ones in pain. 

Sc**w you and those obnoxious people who think having big bucks in their account is success. I am successful, so are all women who are making a “home” rather than outsourcing that to some others who mean nothing in the concept of “home”.

And when I get back to work, I clearly know how well I can shine there because I would have successfully delivered the project of happiness, contentment and satisfaction at times of need. This is a big value add on my resume. I have no doubt about it whatsoever!!
This is my dedication to all those people who bend their heads for being home-makers. Stand up and straight.. there is no shame if you are a homemaker.. and to all those Money-minting-machines who just know that much and nothing beyond it!


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