Recent incidents in life had made Sarah a bit timid and she had begun to keep herself very busy always only to avoid all the nostalgia of the bitter past.

Like everyone, she had dreamt of a life with nothing else but perfection, love and affection. All aspects of her life were nearly perfect, except her marriage. Her marriage with Ron had recently ended rather disgracefully.

Ron was a rich man, ambitious about his career , fairly good looking but a very morose guy. He seemed uninterested in anything around him. And that troubled their marriage.

Sarah and Ron lived together, period. There was no communication like normal couples and there seemed no connect between them.But to everyone around them, they seemed like the perfect couple with the best traits – decent looks, great career and good status because they often put up a happy face to the world. Probably the only pleasant thing in their life was that they were circled by a good bunch of friends who often invited them over to parties or events.

On one such occasion, Ron and Sarah met a lot of friends , these were from his office. Of them, was Bret, a charming friend of Ron who instantly grabbed Sarah’s attention.And ,without her knowledge ,her eyes followed Bret everywhere he went. It seemed like she had begun to like him by contrast with Ron!

For many reasons then on, Bret would visit Ron , more often than usual.To Sarah, it was a welcoming thing. Sarah felt that his gestures and body-language hinted that he liked her, too. She wasn’t quite sure because she was a simple and utterly non-glamorous girl. Did that make her attractive? She doubted.

Every time she knew of his arrival, she would try to dress-up , spend quality time in front of the mirror and then realise she just can’t do it! She would be back in her usual look -simple but neat.

Days had passed by, neither progressing any further – neither did Ron get any better nor did Bret get any closer nor Sarah who never got any better expressive. The only thing that happened latently was her mounting desire to be with an interesting man like Bret.

Soon, there was another party invite for Ron and Sarah.. His office friends were all going to be there.. Bret too..During the last few visits that Bret had made, it seemed quite obvious that he was interested in Sarah! He often made statements and waited for Sarah to react, smiled at her whenever there was chance,tried to strike conversation with her  etc..So, this day was rather an important one for her, the D day if it could be called that way.

Sarah had successfully managed to dress-up in a bright costume with perfect accessories and great demeanour. She had made many heads turn to her and each time she felt more confident and elated. Even Ron had noticed her and questioned her casually about her decision for this makeover. Sarah gracefully shrugged her shoulders and eagerly awaited for Bret.

She was with a few others at the table sipping some red wine and from behind she heard Bret’s voice.. Her heart began to beat faster, there were unusual rumblings in her stomach, her breathing got heavier and harder. She had thought Bret would surely make a big move today and probably make a clear gesture of love if not as big as proposing to her!

She knew he was just behind her talking to someone. She turned towards him, gave him a shy but quick smile and walked a little away to a less crowded place. He looked at her , returned the smile, in a somewhat unusual way. She continued talking to people around her but her heart still throbbed for him. But he never lingered around. She later learnt from another friend that he had left very early without notice.

She pulled herself along until she locked herself in her room. Her anguish, anxiety and desire churned together and the outcome was a huge disappointment. She felt hollow, lonely and shattered.She threw away the accessories, untied her hair, wiped off the lip color and messed up the room.. Sarah it felt like she had hit the bottom of an abyss and could never recoup.

She sat by the window gazing outside.. She pondered over what could have gone wrong and why Bret had done so. Everything seemed as dark and unclear as the night.

Next morning, Ron and Bret were supposed to meet before they left together for an official tour.

While Ron was still getting ready, Bret arrived. Sarah leapt away to the kitchen to make coffee. She was turned off from the previous evening’s incident and it looked obvious.

During Ron and Bret’s conversation about the previous evening and his sudden exit, Bret just said “It was uneasy and overwhelming to see the unasked for glamour… Seemed like something was forced on me.. I realised, it wasn’t my type and walked away“.. A statement that probably answered both Ron and Sarah. Slowly his visits became occasional and  his interest seemed faded..

One day, she heard from Ron that Bret moved to another country for good..

Sarah managed to live a dull life with her shattered dreams and boring reality but not for long. The progression was only from bad to worse and she decided to end the worthless marriage.

Sometimes it is better off to stay away from things or  people who are surely not our type.. Isn’t it?


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