Are you often thinking you are alone and have no one to listen to you or to give you company? Well, you perhaps are not!

Everyone at some point in their life would have felt so. But more often than not, they are not alone and find solace when they realise so. See, just as you read this, you realised you aren’t the only one who felt lonely all this while. Isn’t it? Well, that’s the fun part of it.

In my honest opinion, nobody is alone. It is only a feeling. But the feeling gets to intensify and hurts you so badly many a  times. All that, when you feed the thought and let it spread it’s effects on your mind, body and also the soul. It makes you go bonkers! It is , unfortunately , that powerful!

But on the flip side, the thought, or the mind on a larger note, is silly. It helps you forget things if you find the least distraction.

Well, according to me, you will never be alone if:

  • You have your mind active.You should constantly think of some constructive things and indulge yourself in some tasks that keep you and your mind active. When you are so, your tasks are your company and you need no one else.
  • You think about the pleasant past. The memories and nostalgia makes you relive those fond moments and cherish them today. Of course, don’t brood over it and sulk about things by comparing the past with the present!
  • You think of your favourite persons in life. They sure had an impact on you. They were , at some point in time, very important to you and hence, their thoughts will surely refresh your mind. If you are not in touch with them, maybe these thoughts help you get in touch with them again. A spark is enough to light a torch, isn’t it?
  • You can travel to places and explore new things. Traveling is good. It helps you energise your soul, mind and body. It opens your eyes to newer perspectives and newer outlook towards life. Helps you meet people of various genres and cultures. It adds variety to your life and most importantly, it might help you gain some friends. So, you will never be alone henceforth!
  • You are self-sufficient. You will need company if you are not happy being with yourself. You can be your best buddy! Mock at yourself, criticise yourself, give yourself compliments and fight with your own self. Who is stopping you? By doing all this, you not only become confident, but also learn about yourself better. Plus, you are so occupied and happy, that you need no other company.
  • Pick a hobby. If you want to do something you have learnt, good. It will keep you busy. Or, if you want to pick a new one , well, even better. You get a chance to go out, seek advice or guidance and in turn win a chance to meet people and get company!
  • Get active on digital media. You will stumble upon similar thinking people and if not any personal interaction, your online interactions will be a feel good thing for you. It opens doors for socialising and your boredom ends.
  • Try reconnecting with older acquaintances. For whatever reason that your communication ended, your attempt to get in touch with them helps, either today or sometime down the line. It at least satisfies you about your attempt to reconnect. Well, why not try?

Upon all this, there is a big thing called Trust, in yourself and in the almighty (if you believe). This will never ever let you be alone. People might come and go in your life but the strength byou build within yourself holds you strong , till the end.

P.S : talking of people in one’s life, I remember this saying, and often quote it too… People come in to our lives for a reason, season, or for a lifetime! So, never hold on to them so tightly that when they are gone, you are severely hurt.


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