It was 7 o’clock in the morning but Jenny continued to lay still, on her rocking chair , gazing out of the window. The cool morning breeze could only sweep off the untied hair off her face, but not the thoughts that filled her mind.

The previous night was rather a disturbing one for her because she was intrigued by a chain of dreams, dreams that casted each of her ex-men in the lead role! When the dreams became rather too realistic, she couldn’t help but wake up at once to the reality, only to realise she was now , thankfully, still single!

Jenny had dated many men in her past. Men who belonged to various genres. While some were pious, some were mean, some were cool while some were with humongous attitude! While few were close to her Mr.Perfect imagination, she had doubted that perfection can really exist! And, all of them stood right before her, in her dream last night.

Her first crush was her highschool classmate who was about half her height, but double her intellect. She was smitten when once he had told she was his role model. Aww.. that moment! Since then, they hung around together until college and until Jenny found her next love.

This time it was a supermodel type guy who walked the ramp representing her college for a competition. the guy found it cool to have a geeky girl like Jenny to fall for him and then their story began and lasted only for few months. This time it ended when he stumbled upon a gorgeous peer on the ramp.

While she remembered all this , she also thought about those days when she, rather suddenly, had gotten choosy and mature. More in search of men who were marriage material. With somewhat matching criteria , she had encountered a French guy , Andrew, who she almost had decided to get married to.

He was everything she could ask for in a man, but with surplus ambition and attitude. She felt insecure.. and thought he would chase the dreams instead of sitting by her when she needed. So,the story ended too soon.

From then, until now, she had moved on and made herself accustomed to being single, independent and happy. She always wondered how anyone could really decide on someone and get hitched. It was some sort of a mystery to her. She pondered over all this all over again as she sat down for a couple of more hours by the window.
It was now time, she thought, to get going with the routine and not to waste time over the silly past. She quickly got ready and headed out to her University.

Jenny was the assistant professor at the University. She was recently made in charge of the project interns and their mentorship. A new Professor, Jonathan, had flown in and joined their university. He too was in her team. Often, the duo sat for long hours discussing work.

Jonathan was sensible man, humble in his approach, good-looking and extremely skilled at work. Jenny had begun to look upto him for his virtues and seldom spoke or thought ill about him. They shared a very good rapport.

They had a tight schedule at work and they , together, had to close on some important topics and review their work as soon as possible.

After a tiring day at work, and a irritably bad experience the previous night, Jenny wanted to let loose and relax. Jenny drove back home, let her hair loose, poured out some wine and grabbed a book to read. She went straight to her room. On her chair she sat and the dreams unfolded again. Soon she thumped her foot, shouted out loud and instructed her mind to cut the crap!

She had always thought she was blissful being single, and believed in it. But when she had experiences like these, she felt hollow and lonely. She breathed a heavy sigh, thought for a moment, on a lighter note , about what kind of a man would probably please now.

Somewhere she had read that the person who ever appears first, when you close your eyes and visualise about your Mr.Perfect, is the man you love the most, or feel for the most! Today, Jenny wanted to try this.

She stood up, leaned out of the window, let the air do some magic and tried the visualisation trick. And there he came….

Jonathan? She shouted! She couldn’t believe it was him. Of all people, him? If it were someone else, she wouldn’t be this surprised and awestruck. But why him? At this time of the day?

She quickly ran to the door and opened it for him to come in. Yes, when she had almost visualised her Mr , she had heard the gates opening. It was Jonathan, her colleague. Her trick was tricked.She had to cut the crap there and rush to open the door for him.

They greeted each other pleasantly and he came in. She stared at him blankly with an expression that read ” why are you here?” “Shall we?”, he said.. still, her expression remained unperturbed.. it suddenly occurred to her. She had him invited over to discuss work and finish off the big chunk of load, nothing else!

“Of course”, she said and then they both began working.

Work was finally done, he left and now, her fatigue dragged her to bed. She sat on her bed, and just before tucking herself in the bed, she smirked and thought of Jonathan’s timing of arrival. If it were him in her imagination and not in real, things would have been so different she thought.

She retired to bed, happy to be single, and curious as ever to mingle!


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