Home maker projects

The word “project” isn’t something that we are not familiar with. From a tiny toddler in school to an Industry Leader, everyone uses this word in their own profession. Now, I am talking about the projects for a home maker!
I have been in the IT industry working under pressure, under strict deadlines, and getting several projects to closure. While serving this role of a developer, project to me meant an office project. Such project usually has several people playing their roles: few developers, a lead, a manager, a senior manager so on n so forth. A home maker too isn’t spared from all of these responsibilities! Let me show you how.
A home maker aka house wife too has different responsibilities: cooking, housekeeping, grocery procurement & management, managing her finances etc. Aren’t these roles synonymous to the roles in the IT project? They are!! So, an efficient home maker is synonymous to a key performer in the IT industry.
For her, every morning starts similar to that of any developer: here, she needs to develop an idea for the day’s menu! She needs to “plan” the breakfast, and “execute” it within a particular “deadline” otherwise, her breakfast will become lunch 🙂 and her husband will go mad at her – for “slipping the deadline”. For any engineer in the industry who is reading this article, these words in quotes are more familiar.. However, I am only stating the similarity in the roles of a home maker and an IT engineer.
The home maker projects do have reviews – the feedback that her folks give about how tasty her preparation was, about how meticulous she is in housekeeping, about how creative she is in cooking, and about how proactive she is in deciding the menus herself and implementing it well!
Oh my god! There are so many similarities to state! However, she doesn’t get hikes and bonuses, and there is no appraisal cycle for her. What she would love as a trade-off is a pleasant acknowledgement of her good work at home, and lots of love and support from her folks in making the house, a HOME 🙂

“The homemaker has the ultimate career. All other careers exist for one purpose only – and that is to support the ultimate career. ”
— C.S. Lewis


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