Warli paintings

Warli paintings are famous among the different Indian painting styles. They have a history that dates back to the ancient times. It is an art form which was in practice among the Warlis – a traditional tribal sect of the Indo-Aryan era.
These paintings are found even now in some villages in India.

This art form predominantly uses basic art vocabulary like the circles, triangles, lines, squares – in a combination to depict several elements of nature like the sun, moon, land, fire, villages etc.
The central motif in these ritual paintings is surrounded by scenes portraying hunting, fishing and farming, festivals and dances, trees and animals. Human and animal bodies are represented by two triangles joined at the tip; the upper triangle depicts the trunk and the lower triangle the pelvis. Their precarious equilibrium symbolizes the balance of the universe, and of the couple, and has the practical and amusing advantage of animating the bodies. (- Source wikipedia)

The color palette of this art form consists of basic earth colors and natural dyes. Brown, Henna green, ochre, white, black are the most commonly used colors.

I got fascinated by this art form after I happened to see a work of my friend. Inspired by that, I decided to try my hands on too!! So, here is my work!

Note: my work is a derivative of an art work available on the internet.. I hope to have done a decent job!!



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