Black beauty!!

Today, as I walked down the lane, I started to think – “Is it that I have a fetish for things in black? or is it that things in black are really beautiful and sexy?”

When I go shopping, the first thing that grabs my attention is a thing in black 🙂 Be it a slipper or a dress, black is my most sought-after color! On roads, even while driving, I never fail to catch a glimpse of a beautiful black car! And when I decide to sketch something, I google for images on the net which I can replicate – and my search key is “Black stallion” 🙂 !!
Such being my craze for black, today I wondered, if I am the only human being who is so obsessed with the color black or there several other homo sapiens across the globe who fall under my category!

In this pursuit, my dear friend Google came to my rescue in fetching me a wealth of links that pointed to “Black“.
As I did my analysis, it occured to that there are zillions of people who got inspired by this enchanting color! Artists, musicians, poets, authors, dress designers, car makers, aristrocrats, etc etc.. Oh my god!!

I breathed a sigh of relief discovering that my fetish for black was not abnormal 🙂
So what is so special about this color black??
Black signifies and symbolises a lot of things. The very first thought that strikes to people when they hear the word black is “darkness” (although for me black means sexy!). Likewise, black means “Authority & seriousness” when it is as a Uniform/ dress code; it means style when we use it in the fashion industry; it means “nobility & experience” in Japanese (which is why they honor “black belt” when you are a master in martial arts!); it denotes ethnicity; it is also used in the context where we wish to express ambiguity – like calling “A black box”, “A black hole” .. It is often used to symbolize negative things – for example, a black cat symbolizes a bad event which follows, black means bereavement or death or mourning, black clothes are inauspicious during festive occasions among Hindus , Black money 😉 etc..

While a quick glance through the search results gave me so much info, I still remained unperturbed with my stand! Black is Beautiful!Black is sexy!

Black is real sensation, even if it is produced by entire absence of light. The sensation of black is distinctly different from the lack of all sensations. — Hermann von Helmholtz

Also it occured to me now, I also love Black – the Hindi movie that created a roar in Bollywood!!
Well, several reasons to love this color isnt it? Well, now, with a clear mind and a clearer belief for my love for black, I say –



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