Dusseldorf diary – 15 th december, 2010

A usual morning- woke up, made breakfast and lunch for him.

He told me that the maid might come any day during that week and anytime during the morning or noon. So, I wanted to finish bathing quickly so that i could attend to her when she comes.
Finished the morning chores of bathing, praying, eating and now i sat with my lappy to catch up with my friends online. My heavy breakfast and the laziness put together made me feel drowsy.. So.. I decided to take a power nap πŸ™‚
At 1 in the noon, i woke up with the sound of somebody entering our house!! Somebody turned the lock open and entered the house suddenly… A lady.. wrapped with multiple layers of clothes to fight the cold.. tall, fit, blonde … Y do i get involved with blondes everytime? πŸ™‚
She carried a big black trolley bag with her…She began to place it by the door side and open it.. I looked at her n she stood at the doorstep looking at me.. I said “yes??”.. She said “Hallo..Sorry… I nei knock door… I….”I was still not awake completely and somehow managed to understand wat was happening… She continued.. “I… ” and did some action to show she had come to clean, sweep… Ahh… This was our maid!!!
Maids for company apartments are given a key for the house.. so that they could come and clean the house even in our absence… Reliable people!
Our interaction was much with broken English sentences and mostly actions… My dumb charades skills helped me now.. πŸ™‚
She asked me “India?” I said “Yeah..” She asked “Where mann u?” I interpreted it to be “Where is ur man..” and answered “Office.. He went to office..” She said “O.K.. Children?” I laughed and said.. “No children.. Newly married…” She said “Nice… ” and continued working…
After almost everything was done she stood near the rack where we have placed the gods’ photos.. and saw Lord Ganesha’s photo and she made some actions now.. with some words here n there “I… sleep.. dream come… he… son.. Inside …” With the actions these words completed the statement.. She meant that when she was pregnant with her son, she dreamt of lord Ganesha… A deutsch female.. dreaming about Ganesha? woww.. nice.. For a believer like me , of Lord Ganesha, this came as a pleasant surprise!! I was happy.. I smiled and explained to her about the significance of the other gods.. She continued “Ahh.. Lakshmi- wealth.. I nei want… I want happiness.. who god?” For her craving for happiness, she wanted to know which god signifies that… I told her simple prayers to any god should suffice… She then said “U Indish..Nice warm… ” For Indian she said Indish…I was happy, proud and glad that India is known for its warmth.. I smiled..
She packed her stuff again.. Put on the multiple layers of clothes again.. She shook hands with me and said bye to her as she walked out…
She comes weekly once and does a makeover to our bathroom and hall.. they go from dull look to sparkling white and shining πŸ™‚ A nice female.. Now we talk to each other better πŸ™‚

5 thoughts on “Dusseldorf diary – 15 th december, 2010

  1. Danke πŸ™‚
    Am learning… need some amount of proficiency in German to converse.. not impossible.. Am moving closer towards tht…

    @ Raj… Heights of ur humor…:P

  2. haha..nice!!

    I was excited when u said blonde..:)…but then..when u said she was pregnant…I was disappointed πŸ˜› :P..

    hehe..kidding..nice post πŸ™‚ waiting to read more πŸ™‚

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