Dusseldorf diary

Friday 10th Dec ’10: 10:45 am IST – Visa dispatched from Chennai German consulate.

Friday 10th Dec ’10: 3:45 pm IST – Tickets booked for saturday morning 10:30 am IST flight!!
Hmm… It all happened faster than we expected. Apart from some travel sickness to bother me, the journey was just awesome.
We had a stop over at Dubai International Airport- a huge , expansive airport with glittery stalls inviting enough with spectacular looking artifacts. We took a long stroll there for about an hour and then my hubby said “Honey, we are done with just abt 1/3rd the entire area! ” ufff… it was indeed a BIG one i thought 🙂 We boarded the connecting flight now.
We had got 2 seats together in a 3 seater and the seat next to my hubby was vacant. The deal was that if it were a girl coming there, we would swap seats n he would sit in mine. And before we ended our discussion, we realised the seat was taken… By a tall, lean built, blonde female. she had only placed a paper cover with some cookies (i think) in that. She was now placing here luggage in the cabin compartments.
Soon she sat and began talking to my hubby… He forgot abt the “Swap” deal!! He got a bit conscious and asked me if he should swap.. i said “Enjoy!!” and let him sit there… He began to comment abt her… with a slight blush on his face… shud i say “Men!!” 😉
She looked beautiful… but yeah she blew her nose so many times in a short span of time that her entire box of tissues were almost empty.. I turned to my hubby and said “Nice choice..” and winked wickedly 😉
We had a horrible lunch on the flight and it began to bother my stomach. The nausea feeling stepped in right then… Some time passed by.. And now, we were hovering over Dusseldorf Airport waiting for clearance to land…
And now my stomach…troubled me again and felt like puking… and i saw a long slender hand… offering me some tissues 🙂 Who was tht now? well, yes… the same “clumsy babe” … I laughed as i took the “needed” tissues.. She smiled and then began to take her baggage n make a quick exit… My hubby laughed too… He said- “See, nice girl, isnt it? 😉 She is going home… on vacation from her school in New Zealand.. Enough information isnt it?” Well, I laughed too…
As we collected our luggage and walked towards the taxi, she went past us… I thanked her for the timely help.. and she turned back and said “Happy stay in Germany… 🙂 “
Saturday , Dec 11th ’10 : 7:30 pm CET.
Yes, it has been enjoyable ever since then 🙂

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