Clean Bowled!!

It was a day to remember-a day which brought in new hopes, desires and thoughts into my life.

It was a significant day to most of my peers as it was “the joining day” for all of us. Most of us were skeptical about the new world that we were stepping into. I was a little different from them all with more dreams and expectations than fear.
As i was instructed by the admin to meet my manager and confirm my joining date , i decided to go ahead and finish off with the formalities. I had butterflies in my stomach as i moved closer to the building in search of my manager.

Now, i had more fear than any other feeling. But something always told me that this day wud definitely be “the” day i wud remember for the rest of my life. And today, i have shared those feelings with all of you.

I had to run errands to fetch myself the necessary documents as a result of which i was a little tired and a little less tidy. It made me more conscious now as i entered the office.

A tall man with an impressive physique sat at the other end of the desk with his back facing me. I was too keen in knowing who this was and how he looked. His voice sounded like those bells ringing on my ears gently.He was attending a call – his accent so natural, so clear and his talk so crisp and sensible. I was Clean Bowled now as he turned to me and smiled. He extended his hand further for a quick hand shake. I felt weak in my knees all of a sudden as i extended my hand towards him.
I quickly mumbled something which i clearly know he dint follow. Anyways, i was done with a part of the intro i thought. I forgot everything about the formalities i had to complete and just continued to look at him without even winking my eyes. he was a charmer! his smile, his attitude… everything about him was just awesome and the way i like it!
He got another call now and thats when thoughts flooded my mind.I am naive when it comes to impressing men… added to that trait of mine was my drained out look at that time in the evening. I felt i should go and freshen up, tidy myself and get back. But i had conflicting thoughts too. Finally, i decided to sit there and just get things done and move out quickly.

He finished attending the call and turned back to me now. He asked me for the form that needed the manager’s signature. I panicked as i realised i had forgotten the letter somewhere. He read my face and said, “Relax. It happens sometimes. Dont you worry!!” I thanked him for being so kind and felt a little relieved now.I tried to convince him about how i had misplaced it somewhere and that i would surely attempt to get another copy of it asap for his signature.

Till now, I had presumed he was my manager. I had also imagined that i would be his team member who can closely interact with him on a daily basis and a lot other things . But now I realized I was bowled over all again… this time with bitter facts!

He introduced himself to me as the HR person of the office who would be collecting the forms to hand it over in bulk to the respective managers. I was shattered!!My castle of dreams was pull down and my desires were inhumanely killed i felt.For a minute I cursed my choice for “feeling” for a meagre HR person and not a manager!!
Positions do play a role.. right?
That was more than enuf to pinch me and wake me up from the trance state. I now got practical and concentrated in getting my work done. I now dint care about either his sweet talk or the melody of his voice. I assured him that i would submit the form the next day and walked out.
Huh… a day to remember.. indeed!!

I might be wrong to have decided to have wiped out my feelings for this HR guy. But,its my life!! I’ve got my preferences . And am happy my heart agreed with my mind to make the decision.

So, guys.. what do you have to say about this little incident?
Do write in your comments. I welcome criticism , as i believe that “criticism is the only way to improve quality”.


7 thoughts on “Clean Bowled!!

  1. Hmmm… nice first post mate! What can I say but this – funny, brutally honest and I loved the part about that “tall man with an impressive physique…” πŸ˜‰ and how his non-existent dreams were shattered too… hahahahaaha… Now if only you had given some names… πŸ˜‰

  2. very bold ..well may be u can disclose the individuals of “interest” lols…well archie..great start i can say..impressive wit the description. lookin frwrd fer de devolopments πŸ™‚

  3. whew! Now was i in the middle of a film?? The impressive part of the blog was (not the HR ofcourse πŸ˜› ) the way you have described even the smallest of things and the amount of detail … BRAVO! Keep this going on and there could be a lucky director after reading the blog πŸ˜‰

  4. sweets dont give up the guy just coz he’s an HR guy.. c’mon even they have certain perks πŸ™‚ . especially if they are good looking..I think u should give t a shot πŸ˜‰Sindhu

  5. the article kept me engaged so much, i cud almost visualize the entire happenings… a cool article to begin with…it was just one day in ur life n beautifully narrated.. waiting to know more experiences from u..

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