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As a sojourner and a travel enthusiast, I loved and lived in several places. Each place visited created a space for itself in my heart. Tour virtually along with me as you read through my experiences!

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  • A beginner’s guide : 10 topics to blog about
    The second thing a blogger has to figure out is the topic to write about. After doing some research, I came up with a list of most searched for topics which are especially easy if you are a beginner in the blogging world. Of the many topics, here is my suggestion of top 10 topics to blog about hoping to make your writing routine a little simpler at least! Take a read.
  • My rendezvous and journey with writing
    I interviewed many travel experts, helped a few travel authors with their book launch with a supporting article on the company website and on Social Media.
  • Dusseldorf
    Dusseldorf is a lesser-known German city offering a great variety to its residents and tourists.

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